love at first bite!

May 2 - 5, 2024
Business Design Center - London

52 Upper Street N1 0QH

Schedule 2022

Thursday 7

17.30 - 22.00

chef Pietro D’Agostino / Napoli Segreta dj set / Taranta fest / Dj set by Jerry Prestigiacomo aka Licht

Friday 8

11.00 - 22.00

chef Bianca Celano / Roy Paci / Dj set by Jerry Prestigiacomo aka Licht

Saturday 9

11.00 - 20.00

chef Enzo Oliveri / Rocketta london fest / Jerry Prestigiacomo aka Litch

Sunday 10

11.00 - 18.00

chef Carmelo Carnevale / Mario Venuti / Dj set by Jerry Prestigiacomo aka Licht

Our Mission

Bringing Sicily to London and Londoners is our mission, which has become more successful with each and every edition.

SicilyFEST is now a growing business and event, a beloved appointment for Italian expats and London foodies.

SicilyFEST lets you savour and experience Sicily.

Thanks to London-based – but with a Sicilian heart – and Sicilian-based traders it will be possible to taste the most authentic food of the island: wine, pasta, nuts, couscous, liquors, cannoli, arancini, sfince, pizza fritta, preserves and jams, cassate and many more delicacies to discover in a unique atmosphere.

If you don’t come to Sicily,
Sicily comes to you!


After the huge public success of the previous editions, the 2022 edition will be held at the Business Design Centre: a historic Grade II listed building in Islington, opened in 1862 and one of London’s most popular conference & exhibition venues which attracts more than 900000 visitors and 250 events per year.

We bring Sicily to your home

Love at First Bite

Wine Experience

This special experience will grant visitors exclusive access to not only the wider festival, but also to a unique wine journey bespoke-tailored to guests’ tastes through the flavours of the best Sicilian wineries which this year are: Case Matte, Terre Di Nuna, Cantine dei Principi di Spadafora, Casa Grazia, Tenute Lombardo and Masseria Sette Porte.
Complimenting the wines there will be exclusive appetisers, specially crafted by guests Sicilian chefs.  

Tickets are available online and at the Bar. 


Our Team

Our people

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Sarah Spampinato

Founder & Project Manager

Giuseppe Reina

Press & Social Media Italy senior
Founder & Project Manager

Sarah Spampinato

Press & Social Media Italy senior

Giuseppe Reina

Press & Social Media UK

Violetta Lima

Sales Manager

Cesare Paternò

Music Manager

Giulio Castronovo

Bar Manager

Giovanni Reitano

Logistic Manager

Emmanuele Marullo

social media manager

Marco Raitano

Roy Paci

Rosario “Roy” Paci was born in Augusta on September 16 1969. His talent started to bloom when he approached the piano at 5 and then joined the local band when he was 10. 

In the 90s he travelled the world from South America to Africa looking for inspiration. 

Once back in Italy he founded many bands, one after another, and started many successful music projects and collaborations like the ones with Jovanotti and Caparezza. The most acclaimed collaboration probably is the one with Aretuska, which saw him on numerous stages throughout Europe. 

In 2018 he was, for the first time, a contestant at Sanremo Song Contest together with Diodato with the song “ Adesso”.

Artists of this edition

Mario Venuti

A close encounter with one of the most influential Italian authors of the last 30 years. 

This is a unique chance to know Mario Venuti in a more intimate and closer way. 

According to Mario “pop music is a noble word, a bridge joining together Domenico Modugno and Luigi Tenco, Elvis Costello and the Talking Heads, the Beatles and Lucio Battisti”.

Some artists need to be on stage to reflect, face the public to be inspired and touch the guitar to think about music, so Mario, to tell his public more about his inside world, this time goes on stage revisiting 30 years of music, and offering his song in the most pure and authentic way, SOLO (only) with voice and a guitar or a piano.

Apocalypse Wow

Get ready to dance. Apocalypse Wow are about to come out!
After their only live performance at the Ypsigrock Festival in Castelbuono in 2021, the irreverent duo will present, exclusively for SicilyFEST public, some new singles. An absolute preview before their appearance in many Italian music festivals this summer.

Afro influences, electro sounds and unapologetic lyrics mix together in a global melting pot very difficult to resist. 

This March 2022 they released their latest single and video “Tic Tic Toc”.
Apocalypse Wow means dark humour, a bit like Myss Keta reading “The Animal Farm” inside a Dario Argento movie.

Napoli Segreta

NAPOLI SEGRETA is part of something bigger now happening in Naples. 

A different mood that brings music, literature and aesthetic together in a new way, far from the usual stereotypes about the city. 

Napoli Segreta is the dj set you haven’t heard…yet. 

A diffused cultural movement, fragmented yet united, working in between vanguard and rearguard. A sound journey through the thousands of different “Naples” that live together, a journey guided by Famiglia Discocristiana and DNApoli: facts, stories, experiences about a reality far away yet absolutely contemporary and, maybe, future.

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